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February 23, 2017

Together We Can Get The Win For One Of Our Own – Darren “HotSauce” Hardesty Jr.


Ramona, CA

Darren “Hot Sauce” Hardesty Jr. has made it into the top 25 in the Search For A Champion contest and needs your continued support. Darren is an offroad racer competing against mostly circle track, drag racing, and road course drivers for the top prize, a $50,000 sponsorship from Champion Auto Parts. He is deserving of such a sponsorship and it’s time offroad racing had one of our own winning the Champion contest.

Darren Hardesty Jr, HotSauce, Search For A Champion, Champion Auto Parts, Bilstein, Bink Designs

For those of you who do not know Darren, he is a third generation offroad racer following in the footsteps of his Father Darren Hardesty Sr, and Grandfather Earl; both desert racing champions.

Darren Hardesty, Darren Hardesty Jr, Earl Hardesty, Search For A Champion, Champion Auto Parts, Lucas Oil Off Road
(Left To Right: Darren Hardesty Sr, Darren Hardesty Jr, Earl Hardesty – 2016 LOORRS Pro Buggy Champion)

At 16 years of age, Hot Sauce is the defending Pro Buggy Champion in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Like many developing stars, Hot Sauce came up through the Trophy Kart class and has had incredible success in the professional series. In 2016, he came from last place in the points after the first rounds of racing to win the Pro Buggy Championship.

Darren Hardesty Jr, 2016 Lucas Oil Off Road Pro Buggy Champion

In the final race of the season, he was sitting third in points. He put forth an incredible performance in the final round to finish the season in a tie with his main rival. The tie breaker was the most wins on the season, which earned the title for Hot Sauce.

Darren Hardesty Jr, HotSauce, Search For A Champion, Bink Designs, Bilstein, Impact

He also went to Crandon, Wisconsin in 2016, the birthplace of short course racing, and won a World Championship ring.

Darren Hardesty Jr, Crandon Off Road, Competitive Metals, Bink Designs, Off Road Warehouse, Mickey Thompson Tires, Bilstein

Darren Hardesty Jr, HotSauce, Competitive Metals, Bilstein, Crandon, Bink Designs

A hard charger behind the wheel, Darren is an inspiration to other young racers coming up in the sport and a great ambassador for offroad racing. In order to achieve the Champion Auto Parts sponsorship, he needs your vote. It only takes a minute to go online and support a fellow offroad racer, cast your vote and make sure to tell your friends and family to share the link below.


You can vote once a day so keep the votes coming. Don’t delay; voting ends March 23rd and Darren needs your support to take him to the number one spot!

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